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Here are things that are neat!  Neat!

Things That Are Neat: Ants!

English: Two Plectroctena sp. ants, either P. ...
English: Two Plectroctena sp. ants, either P. mandibularis or P. strigosa. Each ant was about 15-20mm long. Pictured in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Français : Deux fourmis du genre Plectroctena sp. (soit P. mandibularis, soit P. strigosa). Chaque fourmi mesure 15 à 20 mm de long. Photo prise à Dar es Salaam, en Tanzanie. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ants are super neat.  There’s like a billion different varieties of ‘em, and they do all sorts of things.  There are farmer ants who grow a fungus that they then eat, and there are ants that like do things with plants, and there are ants that fight other ants and just about every ant is super strong.  So you know that’s pretty cool.  I’ve heard that there are tons of ant species we don’t even know about yet.  That’s awesome!  I wanna discover an ant, but I don’t know how.  I guess I’d have to start digging in dirt or something and maybe go “HEY ANTS!” so they’d come out and say “WHAT?  WE’RE BUSY HERE!” and I’d then apologize.  People shouldn’t be rude to ants.  They shouldn’t be rude to people either, but that doesn’t have anything to do with ants.  That’s just common sense. Continue reading

Things That Are Neat: Breasts!

Rat nursing

Image via Wikipedia

Man, breasts are awesome.  I mean I know a lot of people know this and all but sometimes things require saying.  Everyone’s got ’em, so that’s kinda cool, and also they come in all sorts of different sizes and shapes and shades.   None of ’em is any better than any other, but it’s the variety that’s pretty cool.  So yeah.  It’s kinda weird that people seem to like looking at ’em so much, but I think that’s just part of the way folks are wired to keep the species goin’.  Folks like lookin’ at skin and when it’s the skin of others, especially so.  (This isn’t so much true when the skin’s not actually attached to someone.  I saw a thing where Penn Jillette was showing off the stuff in his house and he had a hunk of skin with a tattoo on it framed and I thought that it was kind of cool, since it’s somethin’ weird, but I could totally see where a bunch of people would be all NO THANK YOU PENN WHY DON’T YOU HAVE SOME NICE ART LIKE A PICASSO ON YOUR WALL.)

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Things That Are Neat: Hummingbirds!

A hummingbird at Crocosmia. The image was take...

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Birds of all sorts are really neat — a lot of ‘em are super smart, and besides, they can totally fly, or at least a lot of ‘em can.  More than people.  But one of the varieties of birds — man, not even my FAVORITE type of bird, that’s how cool birds are — is one I find super neat.   Hummingbirds.  Their wings flap so fast they’re like blurs, and they’re really tiny.

I mean, jeez, it’s kinda amazing how an animal can be so small and fly around and not be an insect.  Honestly, it’s hard to imagine a bird that small — it’s almost like they should be butterflies or something.  And I suppose they’re delicate, since birds are a little delicate, but they’re not delicate in the way a butterfly is.  You touch a butterfly’s wings, it can’t fly anymore (don’t do that, man, don’t be a jerk).  You touch a hummingbird’s wings, hummingbird kicks your ass.
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Things That Are Neat: Dogs!


Image by RevMe via Flickr

A lot of people have been talking smack about dogs lately, and I’m here to set the record straight.  Dogs are awesome, and anyone who says otherwise is a liar and a fool and probably not that nice a guy.  So, yeah, forget those people.  They suck.  But if this isn’t enough proof for you, HERE! Here are the top three reasons Dogs are AWESOME.
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Things That Are Neat: Snails!

Shell and live animal of edible land pulmonate...

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Man, I love snails.  They’re really cool looking and they just seem like cool animals.  I like slugs all right, too, I guess, but snails are where it’s at.  I remember looking up and it turns out that the shell actually IS the only difference between a snail and a slug.  But, dang, the shell is so awesome.  I remember watching on Square One TV once and they said that the ratio in a snail shell is the Fibonacci Sequence.  I might be misremembering that, I don’t know.  But I like the Fibonacci Sequence too, so I’m gonna say it’s true.

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Things That Are Neat: Ladies With Glasses!

Ghost World (film)

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Y’know what I like? I mean, aside from watching TV and all that stuff, but y’know, big and in general?

I like ladies with glasses.

Glasses are like, lady-enhancers.

Like, y’know who I thought was really, really cool? Bailey Quarters from WKRP. She was wonderful. She was pretty, and she was nice, and she was smart, and she was fresh out of journalism school and got a job at a radio station. She was awesome. I felt bad for her because she was really nervous and sometimes Herb’d try to bring her down, and then sometimes Les would sorta join in a little bit, or sometimes a lot, and she’d want to cry a little, and I just wanted to reach into the TV and give her a big ol’ hug and let her know everything’d be all right. I wonder why Andy didn’t do that more often. Or Venus, but he wasn’t around as much, cause he was the night DJ, and Bailey usually worked during the day, but sometimes Venus’d just come down to the station to hang out or work on show prep or something. But then, he was usually with Dr. Johnny Fever, or Andy. But, anyway, though, I thought Bailey was awesome. She was probably my favorite, not to slight Jennifer, who was pretty cool too, or any of the rest of them really.

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Things That Are Neat: The Concept Of Persistence Of Vision!

CRT monochrome
CRT monochrome (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m big into film, and so I sort of have to think this is neat.  But even if I wasn’t, I’d still think it’s pretty cool, since it’s your brain putting together a series of stills together and presenting it to you as motion and you don’t even know!  Or, well, you know, but you can’t tell unless you actually take a look at each individual image.  Which is pretty cool.  I mean, I suppose this could probably go under the TV section since TV’s got the same principle going on but persistence of vision is so neat it deserves credit on its own.

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Things That Are Neat: Octopuses!

baby octopus
baby octopus (Photo credit: MelanieAnneMarie)

I know that some people say the proper plural of “octopus” is “octopi“, but I read somewhere that it’s actually a bad Latin construction and is incorrect, though a lot of dictionaries list it as proper anyway. (The whole prescriptive versus descriptive grammar debate which just gets kind of boring.) But I didn’t actually know that “octopuses” was correct, but there you go.  I guess I have to cross “they’ve got a strange plural-form of the word!” off the list of reasons why octopuses are neat, but at least I learned something, and that’s always good.
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Things That Are Neat: Those Sparkly Things In Street Pavement!

Rhodochrosite Pyrite and Black Mica
Rhodochrosite Pyrite and Black Mica (Photo credit: Orbital Joe)

I don’t know if anyone really knows what I’m really talking about here.  Has anyone noticed when you’re out walking in, say, the downtown of a city, and you look into the street, especially when there’s very little traffic or anything, and the street’s actually kind of sparkly?  Like there’s these little flecks in there that catch the light just so?

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Things That Are Neat: Television!

Simple composition of the alternating current ...

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Sometimes, people take for granted a lot of things; they’ve been around them so much they’re used to them and don’t see the magic in them and may even grow to hate them; TV seems to be square in this category. But think about it for a bit; TV’s grandfather, radio, is a box that pulls signal out of the air and converts it into sound. Sound that was sent to you from a long ways away! Stuff you couldn’t just hear without it; stuff that you wouldn’t even be able to hear even faintly without any sort of receiver. Like, if it was just some guy yelling where the transmitter is, you wouldn’t have any idea what he was yelling about, or that he was even yelling — but with a radio, you can find out that he’s there, he’s yelling, and what exactly he’s yelling about.
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