Things That Are Neat: Snails!
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Man, I love snails.  They’re really cool looking and they just seem like cool animals.  I like slugs all right, too, I guess, but snails are where it’s at.  I remember looking up and it turns out that the shell actually IS the only difference between a snail and a slug.  But, dang, the shell is so awesome.  I remember watching on Square One TV once and they said that the ratio in a snail shell is the Fibonacci Sequence.  I might be misremembering that, I don’t know.  But I like the Fibonacci Sequence too, so I’m gonna say it’s true.

Actually, OK, fine, I’m gonna look that up.  Good, this site says it’s true, and that’s good enough for me.  But anyway — even if it weren’t, the look of the shell is cool, and there would probably be some other sort of mathy thing about it, just because nature’s pretty all up in the mathematics anyway.  Math’s pretty cool too, actually.

But anyway — aside from the look of the shell, part of the thing I think is cool about ‘em is that they’re animals that can be sea animals or land animals.  I guess that’s true with stuff like crabs, too, but crabs are pretty much exclusively sea critters who can do stuff on land, where snails are happy in both.  That’s the one thing I’ve never been 100% sure of though — is like, OK, I know there are freshwater snails and saltwater snails, but I don’t know if the snails on land can live in water, or if it’s such that the species themselves, despite all looking pretty much snaillish, are exclusive to where you find ‘em.  Like, a land snail is a land snail and not a fan of being in water.  That I don’t know.  If that’s true, that’s pretty cool, just in that they’re basically animals where the different types look all pretty much the same, but they’d never be in the same area.  I remember trying to look that up once, and didn’t find an answer.

Also with snails, I just think the eye-stalks are pretty cool, too.  Also, the secondary stalks, which are their olfactory senses.  So instead of noses, they got nose-stalks.  Actually, too, I remember reading that the eyestalks aren’t really eyestalks, at least in some snails.  That one I don’t know about either, I could be making that up too.

I guess basically even though I don’t know much about snails, I still think they’re really cool.  You shouldn’t kill snails.  Though if they’re eating your garden, I would say you should pick them up and move them over into a park or some other wooded area where they could be happy.  My grandmother used to cut them in half when she saw them in her garden, or otherwise kill them, and you could hear the screams.  That’s pretty messed up.  I think cutting any living thing in half probably isn’t the best thing for said living thing, but it’s really weird if the thing screams and you keep doing it.  Man, knock that shit off.

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