Things That Are Neat: Crows!

Crows! Crows are just amazing! Not everyone likes them, but I don’t get it. They’re super pretty, smart, and — this seems to surprise people — nice. I grew up with crows, and they were always one of my favorite animals. And they should be one of your favorite animals too! So here’s why crows are awesome:

1. Pretty!

crows two of them fledgling
Lookit these crows!

Look at ’em! And these are just normal crows, not even like, model crows. Look at their pretty black feathers. Look how the variation in the black gives them a textured look. And look how fluffy they are. I would like to make friends with these crows. Well, maybe not the fledgling yet — you can tell him because he’s got a pink mouth — because those guys talk a lot and are constantly shouting at things. You know that Britney Spears song, “Not A Girl, Not Yet a Woman“? Fledglings are kinda like that. They look like grown up crows, but they think they’re still babies, so they’re constantly yelling at their parents to feed them and do stuff for them. So you know, teenagers. But still, that crow might be annoying now, but pretty soon, he’ll grow up and be awesome, so hey, just put up with the constant yelling, okay?

2. Smart!

crows crow in a tree
Is this crow smarter than you? I don’t know, I’m not your mom!

Crows are wicked smart! They’re one of the smartest birds out there. (Citation: ME) But it’s not just me sayin’ that! Science says it too! (Citation: SCIENCE) They’ve been shown using tools, which is one of the major signifiers of intelligence according to science people. There’s even one study where after seeing a crow make a tool to get food, and then make a tool to get a tool to get the food, they decided to see how deep it could go.
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And it was like four tools deep. That’s awesome.

Watch crows use tools!

And here’s one of a crow understanding how water displacement works! She’s a regular Archimedes!

And they’ve also been shown to have a really strong memory for human faces, and will even tell their offspring about who to avoid. Which means that, yeah, crows hold grudges, but, on the other hand….

3. Nice!

crows in a tree
These crows are talking about how awesome you are.

… that means they remember people they like too! You can totally make friends with crows, and they’ll tell their crow friends and babies that you’re cool! And they like helpin’ out their friends. This little girl feeds them, and then they started bringing her presents! They even gave her a heart pendant! Now, probably, the crows just liked it because it was shiny, but still, I’m gonna decide they knew what it meant, because hey, crows are smart. Maybe they picked it up somewhere. Maybe they’re big Powerpuff Girls fans. I don’t know.

And it’s not just that little girl. My mom always fed the crows, and they’d give her gifts too. And when their dog Hal went blind, the crows not only would feed him (which, honestly, we didn’t really want them too, but we knew the crows’ hearts were in the right place), they’d also watch over him as he went in the yard to pee, and help guide him back if he got turned around. Hal was good friend of the crows, and if you’re friends with C(rows) you’re friends with me. If you’re down with C(rows), then you’re down with me. Friends of C(rows). Friends of C(rows).

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