Ambien Review #9: Exit Through the Gift Shop

Exit Through the Gift Shop (2010) – 35mm

Brian Eno is helpo=inh ,r=mr gsther my thoightd, zHere;s the problem, whrn I try to delete letters I hit the = instesd. So now, when you see an =, you know whs=at it n=means. Thu=is documentary is about theis guy involved in fulming illegal art, and making it into a movie maybe, but then this artist Banksy wants to turn things around and make a documentary on him. This is NO spoiler, it’s the first lube of the mvooeis. Excuse e=me. My eyes weer clssed. It’s documentaritaville!

It’s very good, you will love it. There;s maybe a prank at the end, and it’s like when did the prank staart, hw mcuh was this guy in on it, who created the art. It raises questions! What is art? Can art be perfectly crafted to appeal to a market? Can art be manufactured through media? When is bad art just bad art, when it has so mony vehind it, The movie plys in a way that it CAN get you talkingm bvt ut akso wirks on its own, or you keep it straight, like an honest, entertaing doc. In the long run, the end result is the same, but I do like have the discussion. For some reason, while trying to sort this out right now, I keep getting this movie mixed up with Gone With the Pope. Like, when did they go to the Vatican? Guess that wasn’t Banksy. Or Sherard Fairey. I should see Winnebago Mman soon. As for YOU, go with Gone Through the Gft Shop with the Pope’s Exit. You feel me?

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