Ambien Review #8: Lost Season 2

July 25
Lost Season 2
Jeffrey Lieber, Damon Lindelof, J.J. Abrams

I took an Ambien 10 minutes ago, and haven’t started feeling it yet, but I’m hoping it may take effect in the middle of writing this review. If not a bit sooner than the middle. In Season 2 of Lost, they are still on the island. They find a bunker with some comfortable rooms to hang out in, tons of food, and a tape that partially explains the island’s purpose. The bunker also has a button, and this button needs to be pressed every couple of hours or something mysterious will happen. So they debate a lot about whether or not pressing the button actually does anything. Then they also capture a guy, who may be an innocent who accidentally hot-air-ballooned his way there, or he more likely could be one of the Others. They don’t know! So they keep him locked up, until something can be proven. It’s tied up and together now at the end, and shit gets crazy. Here’s what happens if you don’t push the button: shit gets crazy. People got killed I wasn’t expecting. I’m lovin’ it, this season’s cheeseburder is better than last season’s cheeseburder.

Flashbacks I don’t knw what to make if, They’re aviyt knowing the sttit==otr if the crew before they explode, U=I had a dream abioyt Lost recentky. I was on the island , but the island was more of =a like apartment conplecs. But I llooiked out the widnow and saw people in the street. I had not seen a street in so long having been so tragically Lost, I asked peope I saw for help, and they mostly ignored me or couldn’t heat me but A couple people talked in an unrecognizable language. They did nt= sound optinistc. About what we were to do. What we were what we were wet wret wre rwerwe, twat we were twet we werewhut we were we were wet what we’re we were going. So I never got out of this dresms I don’t think. No, never got out of the situation while well we while I was willing to while out within the dream. The dream part is done, though. New characters this sesaon. Some I would’ve like to have seen back. But they are Lost to the show. There’s all kind of people on that fucking island,. WEKK CAB TGERE BE an irabge vrysgsugbauk ti sebd iytm abd at tge ebdm we gekouthkb acgeuve tgeur guaks. I thought I could write a bit with my eyes clised. I do not have a fucking clue what any word frim “WEKK” ti :guaks: us, I dib;t have favorite characters yet. Maybe one. See if you can get it with my eyes clsoed. Hyrkey. Thts not abd actually. Kate. Michelle Rodrigyez. You know what flashback I liked? The one with Claire g=flashubg back t what was hapoeobubg ti her when she was tajen ib tge iskand. Si it was a flashback, byt one that stull was abiut an us==island stiry, I think I eant to force myself into bed 30 years /no minutes ago so I don’t end up not getting 8 hours even with Ambien, maybe more like 6.5. GET WELL SOON. Did I write that somewhere? It’s appropriate it in mnay ways. I liked the second season bunches of rolling puches of joy amount.

P.S. CAT MARINE WORLD Summer Summer, Summer Summer

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