Ambien Review #3: Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed

This is another review I wrote on Ambien.

Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed – 2004, DVD
Brett Sullivan

Bridget from Ginger Snaps Part 1 is on the run and everyone wants her, but she just wants to rent the Bloodletting book out from the library and shoot up moonkshoood to keep her wolf at bay. She ends up passing out, though, and taken to a rehab center, but they can’t fix Bridget’s style of probblem, There’s a young creeper around who gives drugs out sometimes to girls who do more for him as for favors, but anyway, Bridget meets this amazing girl named Ghost who knoes about the werewolf thing, and want s to help her espace, Sp they crawl through some stuff and get out of there, and narrowly avoid the hunting werewolf that’s been hunting bridget ever simce, so he could mate with her. The go to Ghost’s grandmothers house, and hang out, but Bridget needs the monkshiid ,an dso Ginger discovers thant Ghost isn’t too innocent either, and has done some shit things, but it’s worth it because she says crazy stuff that is awesome and hilarious. I love this movie so mcuu kealf go see it bwefcofe it leaves theaeters!

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