Ambien Review #4: Shutter Island

March 29
Shutter Island – 2010, 35mm
Martin Scorsese

DANCE MAGIN DANCE SHUTTER ISLAND THE MOVIE. Scorsese send Leonardo DiCapripo over to thinvestiveat an island prison that will make your eyes shudder. There may be spoilers In ths is re e view but theu wil prabdlfy be foe thw movie labrynth becase that’s the one I just got done with exploring my innermost thoughts with and am still listening to the soundtrack of. So is Leo actyually insane, or is he made to be insane/? Did Connolly get her brother back? Did that world actually exist? Theses are important film discussions to have wit hother filmic scholars. SHUTTer ISLAnd IS CrAZY. I love Leo in stuff, and I like movies where Scorsese portrays someone slowly going crazy, because that’s a running them n his work.. BUT these words seem tired, and they are crawling under the bed of the words beneath them, so check this out. Mark Ruddalo is also in the movie as an interesting person. He’s trying to find a missing girl, and he finds variations of that girl. What did he find? I cannot tell you. Mental hopsoitabl inamates were pretty creedpu, and Emily Mortimor hasd a very good moment. Whatver the ending is, I found it sadder than Labrynth. Poor Leo DiCapz. Did I saw that I loved it! OMG, it’s really good!!!! Leo will smite your skunt with charm and verisimilitude. It’s onlu forever. Not long for long. I am hiccupping again.

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