Ambien Review #2: Wolfen

Here’s another review I wrote after taking Ambien. Here’s the first one I wrote, if you missed it and need some context.

Wolfen – 1981, DVD
Michael Wadleigh

Albert Finney is a Homidicide Detective investigating some killings, and the killing were done without knives according to his coroner Gregory Hines, so it must be a wolf but Thomas Noonan thinks its not the wolf tearing flesh apart because only humans are so fucked. Reaally good atmosphere for the mvovie, if sometimes felt slow, but it was so good and I even liked Albert Finney in it which I never do. Edward James Olmos is great too and especially with his fake-out transformation scene where you to look in a plenty of his dick. Wolfen disappoints though, when it’s not actually about werewolfs but just refular wolves, not quite regular, cuz they are wolfen. Spoilers behind, It’s a sweet time at the movies.

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