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World Premiere Music Video: “Glass Chocolate” by Nelories

nelories glass chocolate 1990 demo ep
Cover art to the ‘1990 Demo EP’ release

We here at Kittysneezes are big fans of the Japanese duo Nelories. A few years back, we posted a review of their first album titled “The Nelories, or, The Greatest Band You’ve Never Heard” and we stand by that descriptor. However — you can now fix one of those problems. We’re proud to share the world premiere of the brand new Nelories video, “Glass Chocolate.” Continue reading

Dig Dan Deacon’s New Adult Swim Special, “When I Was Done Dying”

Adult Swim‘s experimental collage show Off The Air had a new episode recently — a special featuring a full-length music video for “When I Was Done Dying” from Dan Deacon‘s new album Gliss Riffer. The Off the Air episode was seamlessly edited by series creator Dave Hughes from nine animators‘ interpretation of the song. Continue reading

Review: DEVO – The Complete Truth about De-Evolution

Cover of "The Complete Truth About De-Evolution"
Cover of “The Complete Truth About De-Evolution

Sometimes, I find it odd that there were not more comprehensive collections of music videos by bands released during the Golden Age of DVD. Plenty were released, though they were largely cash-in budget titles, with little regard to quality, curation, or historical context. The music video collection occupies a space akin to the Greatest Hits album, with the extra requirement of demanding your eyes, as well as your ears. In this post-MTV era, the music video is best suited for YouTube over disc. Continue reading

Kate Nash – Fri-End?

I really enjoy Kate Nash‘s music — from her first piano-based album Made of Bricks, to the more 60s-girl-groupy My Best Friend Is You, and her newest album, Girl Talk, which is a bit more of a punky vein.  The new single from Girl Talk is “Fri-End?”, and here’s a retro-inspired video clip for the song, featuring many different colored Kates.  And when you’re done with that, pick up Girl Talk.  It’s real good.  (My Best Friend Is You is also really good, but I think got an unfair shake critically, since folks were probably expecting Made of Bricks Part II.  I know I was… but I was pleasantly surprised and dug it quite a bit on its own merits.) Continue reading

Music Video Treatments: Nightmare Dance Club


Image via Wikipedia

The setting is a ballroom, dark and perhaps sort of dingy — think the rave in Zion from the second Matrix movie, but the difference is that instead of the audience finding it unpleasant, the ravers are the ones having a bad time.  They are dancing, but their facial expressions are pained and tortured.  Some are crying, some are just grimacing.  A few of them have facial bruises.  We pan up and find burly men holding guns in the balconies, looking serious and harshly militaristic.  The band is on stage, and they are performing the song neither happily or scared — they’ve got a job to do and they’re doing it, nothing more, nothing less.  The song itself should be a happy, upbeat, electropoppish type number — ideally nothing lyrically to betray the unpleasant scene.

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Review: Snobby Little Elf

Cover of "Diamonds & Studs"
Cover of Diamonds & Studs

I suppose it was nigh inevitable that I’d post about the new Morningwood video — after all, I love music and I love animation. I’ve also been a fan of Morningwood since the debut record — and I’m happy to report that Diamonds & Studs is just as good, if not better than that album. Power pop is one of those genres that, like improv, is either the best thing in the world or the worst. Luckily, Morningwood is the former.

The new video was directed by Chantal Claret, the voice of the band/co-writer of all their songs. In the “making-of” video, she mentions that part of the trouble in doing things is finding folks who can help out — so by doing a video all by herself, she gets around that problem. She’d also had a dream about doing a claymation video, so, well, she killed two birds with one stone, and quite well.

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When Uncle Hy Takes the Train to Kansas City

I think everyone knows I’m a big Barnes & Barnes fan — and I’m glad to say that they’ve got a brand new album! This is a fan-made video by the Swill Brothers for one of the songs — and it’s a real cool song, and a cool video to boot. (I really like the main-character doll. I don’t recognize him, but I like his stance.) ANYWAY — dig this awesome video, and when you’re convinced, you can pick up the new record, Opbopachop at CDBaby or on iTunes! Anyway — there’ll probably be a much more in-depth article on B&B here pretty soon (I’m kinda in the middle of moving, so things are in a bit of disarray), but this will hopefully tide you over until that day hits. Continue reading

Music Video Treatments: Living Room Annoyance

Peluche / Music Video
Peluche / Music Video (Photo credit: Alberto+Cerriteño)

For a song about two characters.

We see the band set up, rocking behind two characters, a boy and a girl on the couch (for example; these would be the characters sung about in the song) watching television. During the first half of the video, the band is pretty much rocking like in a straightforward rock video. The couple on the couch gets marginally annoyed, as they’re trying to watch TV and a band is rocking loudly behind them.

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Music Video Treatments: Chores

English: Pile of bricks. Français : Un tas de ...
English: Pile of bricks. Français : Un tas de briques. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A band goes around helping out people by doing their chores with the Power Of Rock. For example, the band comes upon a guy trying to get a bucket of bricks or something to the second floor of his house, through a pulley, but it’s kinda heavy, so it’s a little difficult.
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