World Premiere Music Video: “Glass Chocolate” by Nelories
nelories glass chocolate 1990 demo ep
Cover art to the ‘1990 Demo EP’ release

We here at Kittysneezes are big fans of the Japanese duo Nelories. A few years back, we posted a review of their first album titled “The Nelories, or, The Greatest Band You’ve Never Heard” and we stand by that descriptor. However — you can now fix one of those problems. We’re proud to share the world premiere of the brand new Nelories video, “Glass Chocolate.”

glass chocolate nelories band pic
16-year-old Jun and Kazmi in 1990. (Photo courtesy of Akiko Sugarfrost)

If you’re unfamiliar with Nelories, they were a duo who released three Japan-only albums in the 1990s. Their unique sound based around guitar, accordion and synthesizers caught the ear of John Flansburgh of They Might Be Giants, another band based around guitar, accordion and synthesizers. He put out an EP on his short-lived Hello CD of the Month Club, which was, until now, their only American release.

“Glass Chocolate,” directed by Petridisch,  came out today to promote the re-issue of the band’s 1990 Demo EP, released this June by Fish Prints1990 Demo EP is the first release from the new Fish Prints label — and a prestigious one at that. Originally a cassette pressing of 50 copies worldwide, the tape sold out so quickly, Fish Prints was forced to do a second pressing of 100 copies more.

This EP fills in a significant bit of Nelories’ history.
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This the only time Nelories recorded as a trio — Jun Kurihara (vocals and accordion) and Kazmi Kubo (guitar) were joined by Yohjiro on bass. The band members were only 15 years old when they recorded it.

The 1990 Demo EP is has been remastered from the original source audio, and though the original demo tape was hand-dubbed by the band, the Fish Prints release is professionally duplicated. In addition to the cassette, you’ll also get a download code and two exclusive buttons. (This gets more interesting as you get more info. Fun Fact: the button designer for the logo pin was Ant, the writer of the original “Best Band You’ve Never Heard” article!)

Watch the “Glass Chocolate” video below: