Music Video Treatments: Living Room Annoyance
Peluche / Music Video
Peluche / Music Video (Photo credit: Alberto+Cerriteño)

For a song about two characters.

We see the band set up, rocking behind two characters, a boy and a girl on the couch (for example; these would be the characters sung about in the song) watching television. During the first half of the video, the band is pretty much rocking like in a straightforward rock video. The couple on the couch gets marginally annoyed, as they’re trying to watch TV and a band is rocking loudly behind them.

 At about the halfway point, the lead singer person starts kicking the back of the couch because he’s so into it and sort of oblivious to the couple and besides, that’s the sort of thing people in rock videos do. At this point, though, the male part of the couple has had enough and stands up. The singer gets nervous and starts making “I’m sorry” motions (at this point, the song continues but the lip-synching stops). The dude, however, is obviously at the point where he’s had enough, and the band realizes this and takes off running, abandoning their instruments, more intent on getting out with their lives. The man takes out after them. Perhaps the guitarist has just unplugged his guitar (if it was plugged in at all) and still has it on, and then realizes it’s slowing him down so he lets it fall while running, hoping it’ll slow the dude down.

As the song ends, the band has found a place, perhaps in a ditch, where they can hide, pressing themselves up against the dirt. Above we see the man look around, perhaps almost see them but then runs off in a different direction.

Right before the song ends, the other band members glare at the lead singer like “Why’d you have to kick that dude’s couch?!” and as the song ends, cut to black.

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