Music Video Treatments: Chores
English: Pile of bricks. Français : Un tas de ...
English: Pile of bricks. Français : Un tas de briques. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A band goes around helping out people by doing their chores with the Power Of Rock. For example, the band comes upon a guy trying to get a bucket of bricks or something to the second floor of his house, through a pulley, but it’s kinda heavy, so it’s a little difficult.

He could totally do it, but it’d be a pain, and he’d be all tired later. So, the guitarist rocks the bucket, and the person on the second floor can unload the bricks, but that’s also a pain, so the bassist rocks the bricks, and they go into the house. The people thank the band, and they go off to help other people in need.

The next verse could be mowing the lawn with Rock. And maybe the third could be washing a car.

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