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Ambien Review #9: Exit Through the Gift Shop

Exit Through the Gift Shop (2010) – 35mm

Brian Eno is helpo=inh ,r=mr gsther my thoightd, zHere;s the problem, whrn I try to delete letters I hit the = instesd. So now, when you see an =, you know whs=at it n=means. Thu=is documentary is about theis guy involved in fulming illegal art, and making it into a movie maybe, but then this artist Banksy wants to turn things around and make a documentary on him. This is NO spoiler, it’s the first lube of the mvooeis. Excuse e=me. My eyes weer clssed. It’s documentaritaville!

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It’s Raining Again

The Black-Sea seahorse is a rare sight in the ...

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Here’s yet another hypothetical Mix CD!  Feel free to track these cuts down and burn your own copy!  The theme here is “It’s Raining Again”/Fall-Winter/a “Less Light” mix. Some of the tracks I chose were pretty obvious, and others were more based around the sound; part of the fun is the wide-range of interpretations the theme has, so…

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Stupid Ideas I Haven't Done: Eno Busking

Pacific Science Center, Seattle Center, Seattl...

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Like everyone, I tend to come up with a lot of ideas that I never get around to doing. Sometimes it’s out of laziness, sometimes it’s just because I can’t figure out how to make it work, and sometimes, it’s just because they’re pretty stupid ideas.  So, in order to do something with them, I’m throwing them out here.  If anyone wants to make these stupid ideas a reality, more power to you — maybe give a hat-tip to Kittysneezes, why don’t you?


Stupid Idea: Strapping on my electric guitar and wearing a small amplifier like a backpack, going to the Seattle Center, and play nothing but rock-era Brian Eno songs.


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The Opposite of Smoke is Egg Whites

Diagram of CD layers. :A. A polycarbonate disc...
Diagram of CD layers. :A. A polycarbonate disc layer has the data encoded by using lands and pits. :B. A reflective layer reflects the laser back. :C. A lacquer layer is used to prevent oxidation :D. Artwork is screen printed on the top of the disc. :E. A laser beam reads the polycarbonate disc, is reflected back, and read by the player. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Who don’t like hypothetical mix CDs? Nope — nothing better than a hypothetical mix CD, not at all! Nope! Can’t think of a thing! And the theme for this one is songs over 5 minutes!

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Twice in a Lifetime

Hot Damn! Brian Eno and David Byrne Release Their First New Album in 27 Years!

In 1981 Ronald Reagan had just taken office, I was 10 years old going on 11, and David Byrne and Brian Eno released a joint venture album that was unlike just about anything ever released: My Life in the Bush of Ghosts [site contains album in entirety], a combination of electronic, world, and sampled sound and experimental music that was for the most part the second generation to the experimental genre — a follow up to industrial and ambient sounds from groups like Silver Apples, Can, Kraftwerk, and Einsturzende Neubauten. Although My Life in the Bush of Ghosts went largely unnoticed by mainstream audiences who were distracted by acts like REO Speedwagon, Hall & Oates, and Blondie (after they burned their brains out with cocaine), the album was important and influential — one of the first outside of the largely niche hip hop and rap market to use sampled, remixed, and found sounds.

Byrne and Eno never collaborated after that album… until now with the release of Everything That Happens Will Happen Today. The album is available for pre-order (it will not ship until November of 2008) but is available in full for your listening pleasure at David Byrne’s site.

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Review: Strange Overtones

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I’m very anal about how I organize my music. It’s a simple system: Albums are organized by artist, and by date of release. If an album is by a artist with a proper name, say, David Byrne, it gets sorted under the last name. I even do this with MP3s. I am anal. This system is easily stymied by artist collaborations. Take for example this new single by David Byrne and Brian Eno. Does it go under “B”? Does it go under “E”? Or does it go under “D”? The traditional methodology is to alphebatize by the first name in the list, so… “B” then, right? Thing is, the last time David Byrne and Brian Eno collaborated on an album, the amazing My Life in the Bush of Ghosts, it was released with Eno’s name in front. With the parties the same, I’d like to keep these two things grouped, but I can’t because David Byrne is getting top billing here. What can I do?

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