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Interview: Esther Mathison

esther mathison
Esther Mathison (Photo: Jim Ulness)

When I started Esther Mathison’s book The Device I could not put it down. I eagerly read her second book and was honored when she asked me to edit her third book The 3.14 Device. Her steampunk time travel books are a fun read. Her main character, the borderline agoraphobic Gloria is a fresh break from the stereotypical time travelers.

Esther’s books are as thought provoking as they are fun. She tackles subjects such as ethics and personal morality and how they relate to technology. Her books would be a good fit for a book club, or even a school classroom that encouraged deep discussion.

It is my pleasure to work with Esther. Check out some of her other writing on Kittysneezes. You can also buy her books at – Zoe Omega Continue reading

Interview: Haley Pharo

haley pharoHaley Pharo is an up-and-coming pop singer and songwriter with a lot of talent.  Her debut album has just come out, and it was produced by the Grammy-winning producer Andrew Dawson, who’s also produced Kanye West, fun. and Beyonce.  Pharo herself has also worked with Ryan Cabrera and Demi Lovato, among many other stars. Last week, Kittysneezes posted her video for “Prisoner”, and now she’s agreed to sit down to do an interview with us about her debut album, country music and singing with Michael Jackson. Continue reading

Interview: Paul Rugg

Paul Rugg
Paul Rugg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

[This interview was conducted in May of 2010, and was on the site for a while… but somehow disappeared.  So I’m posting it again. So check it out, perhaps for the very first time! – Ed.]  

Paul Rugg‘s a great comedy cartoon writer; he’s done some great bits for Animaniacs (he wrote “Schnitzelbank”, f’rinstance) and Histeria!, but he’s also known for his voice work.  He had a great role as the villain in the pilot The Modifyers, he was also the villain in Dave The Barbarian and American Dragon: Jake Long, but perhaps his greatest role was where he played a hero — namely Freakazoid.  He also was one of the main writers and producers on Freakazoid! and with John P. McCann and was responsible for a good part of what made the show so magic.  Paul’s also worked with the Jim Henson company on a number of projects, and he’s currently working on a pilot for Nickelodeon.  He’s also got a great blog, Froynlaven — so, he’s got quite a bit going on — and just about all of it is a hoot and a half.  As someone who was addicted to Freakazoid! and one of those annoying guys who quotes it a lot, I was very happy when Paul agreed to an interview where he answered some of my long-held questions about the show — like what makes a Chubby Boy.

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Interview: Joshua Fried/RADIO WONDERLAND

Photo of Joshua Fried by Stafford Smith
Photo of Joshua Fried by Stafford Smith

Joshua Fried is a composer known for doing innovative work that’s still very danceable.  He’s also done remixes including songs by They Might Be Giants and Chaka Khan.  In the 1980s, he was signed to Atlantic, which resulted in the 12” single “Jimmy Because (My Name Is)”.  Fried often has a technical element to his work too, including tape machines and headphones.  His current project is RADIO WONDERLAND, where Fried remixes live radio coming off a boombox using software he’s written plus the steering wheel of a Buick and drum pads made from shoes to control the samples.  If you’d like to see him explain his setup and the RADIO WONDERLAND process, this is a fascinating 10 minute video.  Joshua Fried is currently crowdfunding the debut RADIO WONDERLAND album — you can donate via his USA Projects page, and not only support a great artist, but get some cool stuff out of the deal yourself!  Likewise, you can hear many examples of Fried’s work, RADIO WONDERLAND and not, via his Soundcloud.

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Interview: Mr. Gavin’s Meat Farm

Mr. Gavin is the proprietor of Mr. Gavin’s Meat Farm, a musical project that’s just released its first EP, Episode IV via a pay-what-you-want Bandcamp site.  Mr. Gavin’s EP has some really great stuff, including the song from the first video released from it, “The Guerrilla Girls Meet Bob Burns”.  He recently took some time to talk with Kittysneezes about his music, upcoming projects (including two future EPs — one of songs based on each of the Hellraiser movies, and one about his own anxiety issues), and Peter Gabriel videos that happened to scare each of us as young children. Continue reading

Interview: Dave Hughes, Creator of “Off The Air”

Off The AirDave Hughes has been an editor on a lot of your favorite shows — he’s worked on Beavis & Butthead, Squidbillies, Space Ghost: Coast 2 Coast — but his new show, Off The Air is absolutely amazing. I don’t even remember how I found out about it — I think I was poking around the [Adult Swim] website and disappeared in a rabbit hole and came out jabbering to all my friends about this amazing thing they’ve absolutely gotta see.  Dave created the show and curates every episode of the anthology-series-that’s-way-way-more-than-an-anthology-series, which airs on [Adult Swim] and full episodes are available on the [Adult Swim] website. Continue reading

Interview: Chelsea Nikkel, aka Princess Chelsea

princesschelsea_3We dig New Zealand’s keyboard-playing chanteuse Princess Chelsea here at Kittysneezes — Rich Anderson did a review of her brand new debut album Lil’ Golden Book (now available on gold vinyl!), and now Rev. Syung Myung Me is here to present an interview with the mastermind behind the album, Chelsea Nikkel herself!

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Interview: Tim Johnson, MAD Collector

Tim's MAD CaveI discovered Tim Johnson on Facebook as a fellow MAD collector… but as it turns out, his collection puts mine to shame.  After paging through his photo albums of all the cool stuff he has and coveting some of the stuff I’d always wished to find, like the MAD Straitjacket from the late ‘50s, I decided to contact him and see if he’d be up for a Kittysneezes interview with a fellow MAD fan.
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Interview: Fred Schneider

superionsIn 1976, Freddy “Boom Boom” Schneider busted straight outta Athens, GA with a dollar in his pocket and a dream: to bust mad stentorian rhymes about wild planets, private Idahos and monsters in his pants. Over a 30-plus year career, Schneider has carved out enough fantastical, transgressional “Southern grotesques” to make him the New Wave acid bastard love child of Faulkner and Flannery O’Connor. Now he’s touching the holidays inappropriately with his new band The Superions and their album Destination…Christmas! The inexplicably illeistic Cait Brennan spoke with Schneider and discovered that the “Cancerian from New Jersey” still likes collecting records and exploring the cave of the unknown.
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Interview: Will Nicholes

cartSome people think the Atari is dead — that’s not true.  Hell, even most of the consoles I’ve seen still work.  But, surely, no one’s making new games for the Atari, right?  Wrong — there’s an active community of programmers making new games.  One of these games is Duck Attack! by Will Nicholes — available both as a downloadable ROM that can be run in an emulator like Stella, or as an actual cartridge via AtariAge.  Will agreed to an interview about the ins and outs of programming for the Atari and his love of math and integer sequences.  (It’s awesome, I swear!)


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