All right! is getting much closer to being on the air!  We'll have an actual Real-Live Design soon, but at least things are basically navigatable now, which is ALWAYS a plus.  Unless you're into seeing a half-image flanked by two inexplicably mashed together menus.  In which case, I apologize, but it's time to move on.

 Anyway, though — I am basically seeing no reason why Kittysneezes can't get at least a bit up and running now!  For the time being, starting Next Week(!!!), May 20, 2007, Kittysneezes will be on a twice-a-week schedule — at least from postings by me.  Who knows, maybe down the road I'll find other people who want to contribute, too!  (Which I suppose is why folks should register (for free, natch!) on the sidebar over there to the left.  That way, I can eventually make people other classes of user.  And, hey, at least that way you can leave comments and I'd know who you are.)

 I've got a few new reviews in the can, and I'm working on at least one more Interview — but with more to come!  And who knows what else will come down. 

 Of course, since Kittysneezes is a band as well, I'll be working on getting a few cuts posted as well — and ideally some Music Videos posted (probably on YouTube), and linked up as well! 

 Remember — Kittysneezes IS GO.  And is All Things To All People.