Welcome to the new Kittysneezes website!  We’re still working on the design, but that’s OK — soon it’ll be the prettiest thing you ever did see. But until then, we’ll just focus on getting content in. Right now, Kittysneezes will post new content at least every Tuesday and Thursday — ideally more often, but those two days a week for right now. We’ve got a few more things in the pipeline as well, including more music, ideally some video material, and some cool Kittysneezes interviews. (By which I mean Kittysneezes interviewing other folks, not the other way around, of course.)

So, the site is launching this week — meaning the first posting will be on May 22, 2007, so be there to check it out! Or, you can put us in your favorite RSS reader, courtesy of the links over to the left. Feel free to register a login, too, and make comments on posts, too!

Anyway, though — hope you dig poking around the site!
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Kittysneezes.com: ALL THINGS TO ALL PEOPLE