Music Video Treatments: Board Room

The video opens with one of those cheap plastic placards reading: “[BAND NAME] DISTRIBUTOR’S MEETING”

(perhaps letters would be missing; maybe band name misspelled, depending on the name)


We cut to inside, and the band is wearing cheap, ugly suits and staring wall-eyed. One of the band members says something along the lines of (very stilted and repetitive and full of ums and ers):

“Hello and welcome to the [Band Name] Distributor’s Meeting. We want to thank all of you for carrying our fine line of products and we look forward to hearing from YOU to how WE can serve YOU better. It looks like it’ll be a banner year this year! We will have many new products for you. For example, here is one of our new products that we are releasing now as a Sneak Preview.”

Then the band starts playing the song, still wall-eyed and stitled. They should come off as shy and out-of-their-element. Completely not rock-n-roll in the slightest.

It would be shot with one camera, one constant shot. At some point, the camera would be jostled and find itself panned somewhat to the left. After about 10 or 15 seconds, the cameraman notices and jerkily pans it back to have the band centered. At another point, a man in just a shirt and tie, no jacket, begins to walk in the background with a cup of coffee and a file, stops, looks over and sees there’s a camera and quietly, steps out of frame backwards.

After the song, the band member says something along the line of “Thank you and this is just one of our many new products for the coming fiscal period. And remember, We Are Doing This For You [or something similarly Bad-Slogan-Esque]”

We see the band member standing there for a little bit too long, looking uncomfortable, and then slam to black.

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