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Review: Friends Without Names

Front Cover to Friends Without NamesClockwork Orchestra is the project of Paul Mangan from Ireland, and he’s just released his first album for White Label Records, Friends Without Names digitally and a CD edition will follow on Guy Fawkes Day.  I don’t think the date being Guy Fawkes Day has anything to do with anything, but how many dates are there that have a nifty rhyme that go along with them?   Continue reading

Interview: Chelsea Nikkel, aka Princess Chelsea

princesschelsea_3We dig New Zealand’s keyboard-playing chanteuse Princess Chelsea here at Kittysneezes — Rich Anderson did a review of her brand new debut album Lil’ Golden Book (now available on gold vinyl!), and now Rev. Syung Myung Me is here to present an interview with the mastermind behind the album, Chelsea Nikkel herself!

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Review: Princess Chelsea – Lil' Golden Book

lil_goldenIt’s odd what childhood cultural touchstones we take for granted–and odder still when we learn about cultural differences and find out those odd little true commonalities. Case in point: I didn’t even know they had Lil’ Golden Books in New Zealand. The name alone should bring back memories of the little cardboard books, designed to take the abuse of children while delivering sappy moral lessons and teaching basic language skills. It’s an appropriate title, as moral lessons are a big theme on this debut album by Princess Chelsea. Lil’ Golden Book is loaded with numbers on the dangers of cigarettes, begging someone to cut down on drinking, best friends falling in love with older guys, monkeys stealing bananas…

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