X-Ray Spex – Identity
1979 October 29 - unknown photographer, Epoque...

Image by blacque_jacques via Flickr

Sad news — Poly Styrene, the lead singer of X-Ray Spex and one of the best singers/songwriters of the punk era, passed away yesterday — the same day her new album, Generation Indigo came out in the US.  To celebrate her life, I’m sharing the video to my favorite X-Ray Spex song, “Identity”.  (I know, you thought I was gonna say “Oh Bondage, Up Yours!”, which is a really good song as well.)  Just something about “Identity” that does it for me.  It’s one I’d kinda like to cover at some point, but have never gotten around to.  So, yeah — dig that, and if you haven’t bought Germfree Adolescents yet, what is wrong with you?!


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