Rebecca Black on Good Morning America
Gettin' down with Rebecca Black

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My friend and occasional Kittysneees contributor, Nathan’s pretty dang dead on on this awful GMA interview with Rebecca Black. (I would embed it, but since I updated the editor for Kittysneezes, YouTube stuff won’t embed.  LESSON LEARNED: DON’T UPDATE ANYTHING EVER.)  Seriously, watch the video (linked in mine, embedded in his post).  It’s basically all “So, Rebecca, how does it feel that EVERYONE HATES YOU AND WANTS YOU TO DIE BECAUSE YOU SUCK?!??” and then they go to her mom and ask about the same question.


The funny thing is they ask her to sing a bit of the National Anthem… and she does a dang good job of it.  But at the end they’re all “Eh, she does have SOME talent…” and I’m like, man, she’s a 13-year-old girl.  She’s already having a tough time with assholes on the Internet saying she sucks, does she need assholes on NATIONAL TELEVISION saying she sucks too?


Another thing:  They’re fucking ABC.  Couldn’t they have gotten ahold of Justin Bieber to actually give her a CALL or something even instead of some lame-ass “Well, if you’re watching this….” thing?

Way to go, Good Morning America.  Hurting people is awesome.  Especially when it’s a kid who had done something that was supposed to be fun.  YouTube comments are a known awful, but I thought Old Media was all supposed to be much more Grown Up and Serious than the Internet or whatever.  Fuck you.

For more on this breaking story, I bring you this post by Bridgeport Cat, who is right on as usual.
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