Disclaimer 1: This is a Pre-Review of a show that is taking place Thursday (1/24).

Mr. Lif is a fun rapper. Akrobatik is a talented emcee. This may be the key difference between the two, who make up The Perceptionists along with DJ Fakts One. If you want to see a LIVE set filled with spectacular rhymes you better be at Nectar Thursday night (1/24).

The well known Lif has been chilling in Seattle off and on for awhile, recording tracks with Grieves and PSmoov. He has always been a respected emcee and can always be counted on to say something important. Plus it?s just dope to see Lif for his damn hair!

Akrobatik is your typical emcee?s emcee. He has skills for days but no one will ever notice him because skills ain?t enough in this business. Ak is a cool ass dude who just was blessed with the ability to rhyme. And be sure to chop it up with him after the show, he is always around at the merch table signing CDs and stuff.

When you combine these two talents and throw in Fakts it?s a recipe for a great night! Fakts is always fresh on the ones and twos and Lif & Ak are just the type of heads to let him show off. Sure, it might get a little political at times but it?s an election year so why not listen to what some intelligent emcees have to say?now, that?s not something you hear everyday.

On top of all that you get to see two local acts get busy as well. Dim Mak is opening the night and if you have seen them or any Oldominon group you know what to expect: energy, rhymes and some craziness. I?m personally an Oldominon fan but I know many don?t feel their style. If nothing else, check ’em out because they are a vital element to the Seattle Hip Hop scene and its history.

Rudy & the Rhetoric snuck up for real on this one. I remember chillin at the rapper mansion about 6 months ago and listening to this beat tape by Rudy?and to be honest I don?t remember the beats so much as the cipher that sparked off. But if several emcees all lace your tracks with hot freestyles you must have come with something. Along with a wildcard emcee, I think you?re safe to bank on this being at least decent.

Besides, you already know that the headliner is gonna kill it! Get on over to the Nectar and enjoy the show.

Disclaimer 2: It should be stated that I?m a member of the street team of the promotion company that brought this show to Seattle. I don?t get paid for my participation as a member of the team ? only a guest list spot for myself and one other. I don?t want to deceive anyone, but I want to continue spreading the word about good Hip Hop.