The Contender—The Concrete Cubes

The fifth episode of Infinite Danger brings you HUGE GAMING NEWS!

Episode 5, The Contender, in which Jonah could have saved the starving third world if it weren’t for The Woman: Legit tennis bonafides. The Burger Shack. Space Command. Tarzan, Tarzan, Tarzan. Darwin’s Nightmare. Dad’s new breeding techniques. Why Jonah must overcome slave morality.

The mobius strip, the universal symbol of infinity, is sometimes referred to as a “lazy eight.” This means that sloth and the eternal are in fact, synonymous.

About Infinite Danger: Infinite Danger is a podcast chronicling the wildly successful Canadian action TV classic, Danger Bay. All 40-plus seasons of it. Join your host Will, as he breaks down each episode of the adventures of aquarium policeman Grant Roberts and his children Nicole and Jonah in the trillion-dollar franchise which continues to define the city of Vancouver culturally, economically, religiously, and geopolitically.