I just discovered this weekend that KCTS-9 in Seattle, WA dropped Mister Rogers from the daily lineup — I wrote an email, and this was the reply I got:

Thank you for your interest in KCTS 9 and especially “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood”.

Mister Rogers will only be airing on Saturdays at 9:00 AM during July and August. The broadcast rights for these particular programs will be expiring on 8/30/09. PBS would like all of its stations to have a more reliable and uniform kids programming schedule. PBS makes the decisions regarding the re-airing of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, not KCTS 9. We may have to wait until September to know for sure what the final outcome will be.

To send feedback to Mister Rogers site please feel free to contact http://www.fci.org/contact.asp
or contact PBS at http://www.pbs.org/aboutsite/aboutsite_feedback.html

Thank you for writing.

Best regards,

Laurie Lee | Viewer Services

So — I’ve written to PBS at the link Ms. Lee provided, and this is my note:

My local PBS affiliate recently dropped Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood from its daily lineup — when I wrote to voice my displeasure, they told me that PBS wants to make its children’s programming more reliable across member stations, and that PBS makes the decision as to whether or not to continue airing Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. I am writing to support his program; Mister Rogers is perhaps the very definition of what should
be done with television, and the idea of the program being removed from the schedule saddens me
immensely. I hope this wonderful show airs on a daily basis once again.
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I encourage everyone to write notes of support as well. Mister Rogers is a national treasure.