Running Free—Diet Papso

In the second ever episode of Infinite Danger:

Will waits patiently to receive his roses.


Episode 2, Running Free: in which they give up on ocean stuff immediately and pivot to being a western: Bacterial Kidney Disease. A shady past in early 80s South Africa. A dialogue on the ethics of documentary filmmaking. Becky, my love. “The Suplex.”


There’s a cinematic universe in my head, but the invitation list is very exclusive.

About Infinite Danger: Infinite Danger is a podcast chronicling the wildly successful Canadian action TV classic, Danger Bay. All 40-plus seasons of it. Join your host Will, as he breaks down each episode of the adventures of aquarium policeman Grant Roberts and his children Nicole and Jonah in the trillion-dollar franchise which continues to define the city of Vancouver culturally, economically, religiously, and geopolitically.