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It took me a while, but I got over Robyn’s taking the name “Robyn” for herself away from Robyn Hitchcock.  It helped that her self-titled album was so dang good.  It made me decide there’s room in the world for two people you can think of when you hear that name, or see it spelled that particular way.  All other Robyns better look out, though.

So, anyway — there was a Scandinavian Björk tribute concert thingy about a week ago, and Robyn did one of my favorite Björk songs, “Hyperballad“.  (For what it’s worth, “Jóga” is probably my top one — which was also done at this concert, but by someone else.  Someone not named Robyn — or I believe any other name previously spoken for by someone awesome.)  Check it out:



I was turned on to this by the great blog Cover Me, who also have an mp3 of this, along with the cover of “Jóga” by whoever it was who did “Jóga”.


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