Cover of Air
Cover of “Air” by Ducky

I’ve not looked up any other reviews of Ducky’s music, but I’m assuming there is a non-zero number of them that refers to her music as “just ducky!”, which makes me want to scream because that is quite possibly the hackiest thing that could be written, with the possible exception of loading the review down with other duck puns.  If there aren’t any “just ducky!” reviews it’s because, if her brand new single “Air” (released July 16) is any indication, she’s way too awesome to sully with such silliness.  

The single features three different mixes of the song.  The “Day Version” is the A-side, and the version that a potentially NSFW music video was made for, though I think my favorite of the three is the “Helix Remix”, which is a little thumpier, a little more driving.  I love the synth bass on that version, which gives it a real strong groove.  The “Night Version” (produced by Egyptrixx) is good too — but a little too similar to the “Day Version”.  The other thing the “Helix Remix” has over the other two is that it’s about 2 minutes longer — and more time spent with “Air” is better.  The skittering vocals on that mix make it just about perfect for dancefloors.  If it’s not already being played in clubs all the time — what are you waiting for, clubs?  Get on the stick!  Life’s passin’ you by!

This is the only piece of Ducky’s discography that I’ve heard so far, but I’m definitely looking forward to checking out the rest of it.  Give “Air” a spin, and I’m certain you will too.

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