Braun HF 1, Germany, 1958

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Via Tiff_Seattle on LJ, This is a HILARIOUS TV news piece about 4-Chan/the dangers of LULZ.

Perhaps the funniest thing about it isn’t so much the actual attacks (which are basically pretty annoying, but whatever) but the WAY in which it’s presented — completely over the top. It actually feels more like something you’d see on Brass Eye, with the lame digital morph effects and Random Cutting To Exploding Van (used TWICE!!). Oh man. We don’t need haxx0rs to give us lulz, we gots people reporting on them.

That should, in fact, be the next form of lulz-gettin’. No more actual doucheattacks on websites and whatnot — just get people to CLAIM they were attacked and whatnot to the news media. I’ll give a dollar to whoever can work the Goatse guy into a fox news report.

(on the other hand, perhaps the danger of lulz is real…)

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