kittysneezescWell, for minor levels of “Kittysneezes Swag”, anyway.  (And I mean that in the “stuff with our name on it” sense, not the “swagga” sense.  Because you know and I know that Kittysneezes has NONE of that.
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)  Anyway — if you’re interested in owning some combination of 1″ buttons, 1″ magnets, or Kittysneezes stickers, just reach out to me via the contact page!  They’ll be 5 dollars (‘Murikan) to cover postage.  (You’ll get a handful of everything, so you can keep some, then hand them out to your friends and or enemies!)  The buttons come in a variety of colors and feature our lovely logo as seen here to the left — designed, of course, by the super-talented Janet Bruesselbach.  The stickers come in two varieties – one with our kitty friend there with the Kittysneezes slogan, and the other that’s based off the Kittysneezes video logo (as can be seen in any of these “fine” works of video “art”) designed by the equally super-talented Lee Hughey.

And if Crush On Radio is more your bag, check out the Crush T-Shirt!

Offer valid as long as I don’t run out of stuff.  If I do, I’ll update the post to say what I’m out of, and mention in any email response to make sure you know and to make sure you still wanna do the deal.

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