Kit Kelley – Moonstruck Rhymesters & Common Romancers

Kit Kelley - Jenny Said b/w Kiss & Tell singlePhoenix has a pretty good history of awesome rock and pop. The Tubes came from there, f’rinstance.  And now, there’s Power Pop Songstrix Kit Kelley.  You can download for free some of her songs over at Bandcamp. I particlarly recommend “The Tragical History of Dr. Heinrich Wilhelm Walter (1348?-???)” and  “Jenny Said“, but, really, alla ’em are really good.  Kit Kelley is also on Twitter, for those of you who are a fan of that.


There are rumors that Kit Kelley is somehow related to filmmaker, actress and dog-saver M.C. Brennan, though there are obviously MANY reasons why this is not true.  Seriously, people, it just takes a little bit of simple thought to know there’s no connection.  Duh!