Corpophilia: Music
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Homer and Diana walked into the local HMV. Both walked to the pop music section and started picking up various discs by their favorite artists.

“What are you looking for, Diana?”

“I’m not really sure… I’m thinking something by Virgin Records, Inc. Artist #563,595, but there’s always Warner Music Group Artist #1,827,374. He’s got a new album out.”


“I’m not sure what I’d like, although I really wish I could find more releases on compact disc. Of course, the DTR tapes sound better and are smaller and much more durable, but they’re so much more expensive. I suppose though, it’s for the best; I guess CDs just have more of a nostalgia value, but I still think the sound is fuller. The DTR tapes are just so sterile sounding.”

“Oh, you’re just being silly, Homer. The DTR tapes are mastered at a much wider frequency, making sure that you get many more sounds that the artist intended for you to hear.”

“But still, humans can only hear a small range of frequencies, so the sounds in the higher and lower registers are missed.”

“Homer, the DTR tapes must be much superior; otherwise they wouldn’t manufacture them.”

“I suppose you’re right. Oh, cool, Virgin Records, Inc. Artist #1,493,845 just released another single! I’ll have to get that. They’re my favorite group!”

“See, I knew you’d find something here!”

“Say, do you remember when there seemed to be a wider selection here, though?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, there were so many other artists. It seems that now there’s only a few different choices.”

“Homer, there’s lots of choices. You’re just being foolish. Look at all the bins. They must have about 500 of artists from both record labels!”

“But weren’t there other record labels?”

“Oh, they were just bought out, and anyway, the fine people at Virgin Records, Inc. give their artists a much better deal than those smaller labels ever could. But it still doesn’t matter though, I mean, the music hasn’t changed, just the ownership. If I sell you something, does it completely change form when you sign the statement of ownership?”

“No, I guess not… maybe I am just being foolish.”


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