Matt is an “indoor kid” from Seattle with a BA in communications. He’s been fascinated by media since he was 5, recording his own homemade radio shows, and he’s spent very little of his professional life outside that umbrella, with most of his career spent in the radio industry. In 2007, Matt founded the pop culture site Kittysneezes and he's contributed to sites like Popshifter, Popdose and, for over two years, was the Managing Editor of Hornet Stories. His main interests include music, comics, animation (especially anime) and documentaries. He's also appeared on the podcasts Crush on Radio and The Painful Threshold, which he also created and produces.

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This is the first of 7 cuts initially slated for the debut Kittysneezes album The Important Sound Of Things Falling Apart.  I’m not certain yet which of these seven, if any, will make it on the record, as, well, there still remains…



Welcome to the new Kittysneezes website!  We’re still working on the design, but that’s OK — soon it’ll be the prettiest thing you ever did see. But until then, we’ll just focus on getting content in. Right now, Kittysneezes will post new…