[REDACTED] – The citizens of [REDACTED] have disappeared. The disappearances began last [REDACTED], slowly at first, with a few of the more outlying and reclusive residents going missing at first. Soon, however, the disappearances seemed to focus around a certain family, the [REDACTED].

In a small town like [REDACTED], it is not uncommon for all the residents to know each other in at least some capacity. [REDACTED] was no exception, and the [REDACTED] appeared to be the center of the town’s universe. The first people to go missing were those who had only occasional interactions with the [REDACTED] family. Friends of friends, clerks at stores and restaurants — these were the first reported missing, and often the people who told the police force were next to disappear.

Soon, it seemed that acquaintances, friends, and even relations of the [REDACTED] were disappearing. [REDACTED], the family’s matriarch, even reported some of the last to go — later to the [REDACTED] county, and then state, police, as the local police force had also vanished. Typically, a day later, everyone who talked to [REDACTED] would also disappear, but no one else outside of [REDACTED].

Co-workers of the missing federal and county have all reported the disappeared workers mentioning hearing a voice in their head telling them, constantly to leave and never return — though no ending destination has been noted.

According to the missing person reports, the children of the [REDACTED] family were the first to disappear. As to the order of the married couple, it is impossible to tell; neither was reported.

[REDACTED] was the person who reported the children missing, and then all was silent from the [REDACTED] house, and the town lay empty.

Investigators have ruled out the possibility of foul play.