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Review: Four Color Fear

Four Color FearFantagraphics is known as much for their work with new and innovative artists as for their archival projects — and for the high quality of both.  They recently got the EC Comics license and have been putting out artist-themed compilations like Corpse on the Injun! — but they’ve also put out books that wouldn’t have existed without EC… even though they have no EC content.  One of the best of these is Four Color Fear, a collection of horror comics from other publishers attempting to cash in on the popularity of Tales From The Crypt, The Vault of Horror, and The Crypt of Terror.  And while a lot of these may have been forgotten for a reason, there are still a few gems. Continue reading

Frieze Art Fair 2011

Frieze is the fourth art fair I’ve tasked myself with reporting. I’m not sure how extensively I should discuss the parts of it that are the same as all other art fairs. There is some absurdity to traveling to London for it, considering that the majority of the galleries exhibiting there are American. Of course, that means these American galleries know there’s enough money in Britain’s collecting institutions – including museums, other galleries, and collectors – to invest in making a showing and bringing everything over. And somehow, given both the experience I’ve already had and the much more serious, if not sober, attitude of Frieze, I’m inclined to be a bit less gonzo about the whole thing. That means I step away from my own experience and actually tell you what this particular white circus says about contemporary art. Unfortunately, because I’m far too rude for the double snobbery of the London art world, I was usually intimidated away from talking to more people or finding out how sales were, or if there were after-hours events, or any satellite shows in time to attend them. c’est la vie.

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