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Kittysneezes Swag!

kittysneezescWell, for minor levels of “Kittysneezes Swag”, anyway.  (And I mean that in the “stuff with our name on it” sense, not the “swagga” sense.  Because you know and I know that Kittysneezes has NONE of that.)  Anyway — if you’re interested in owning some combination of 1″ buttons, 1″ magnets, or Kittysneezes stickers, just reach out to me via the contact page!  They’ll be 5 dollars (‘Murikan) to cover postage.  (You’ll get a handful of everything, so you can keep some, then hand them out to your friends and or enemies!)  The buttons come in a variety of colors and feature our lovely logo as seen here to the left — designed, of course, by the super-talented Janet Bruesselbach.  The stickers come in two varieties – one with our kitty friend there with the Kittysneezes slogan, and the other that’s based off the Kittysneezes video logo (as can be seen in any of these “fine” works of video “art”) designed by the equally super-talented Lee Hughey.

And if Crush On Radio is more your bag, check out the Crush T-Shirt!

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Book Review: Captain Exetre: Escape From Achrinom

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Full Disclosure Time: This book was written by Ivan Henley, whose name you may recognize as a Kittysneezes contributor. (In fact, I’d hope you WOULD recognize it, as he wrote the piece before last.) However, I had nothing to do with this book — I hadn’t read any previous drafts or anything like that; Ivan just sent me a copy asking for a review; here is that review. Even though Ivan is a friend of mine, rest assured that this review is an HONEST one; I wouldn’t write or post anything but. But that desire for honesty forces me to be completely up front about the connections between myself, the site, and the author. Kittysneezes is not necessarily adverse to reviewing materials done by other Kittysneezes authors, but all such reviews shall be honest and done by a KS author whose only connection to the work is that s/he experienced the finished product and ONLY the finished product. Thank you for understanding.

Ivan Henley’s a busy guy. He’s got a couple webcomics, quite a few books, and he writes for this site, even. Escape From Achrinom, the first in his new Captain Exetre series, is worth checking out, particularly if you’re a genre sci-fi fan.

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DVD Review: Negativland: Our Favorite Things

Mark Hosler (Negativland) + me
Mark Hosler (Negativland) + me (Photo credit: Chuckumentary)

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It’s probably pretty obvious, at least to those who know me, that I’m a pretty huge Negativland fan. I’ve got loads of their posters in my room at home, pretty much everything they ever put out (a notable exception is a real copy of the U2 single, but, hey, I’ve got the music and the incredibly extensive “bootleg” release These Guys Are from England and Who Gives a Shit), and, well, basically I just think the world of them and their work.

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English: By Needham Lake in the snow A cold wi...
English: By Needham Lake in the snow A cold winter morning view of the lake from the nearest carpark to Needham Market itself. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I love to walk down to the guard rail over the lake and look out over the water slowly moving and waving, taking the city skyline and modifying it to be wholly different yet still recognizable. It’s always a beautiful sight, but it’s even better, now, in the dead of winter after a strong snow. The cold doesn’t freeze the lake, but it makes the water sluggish, reflecting everything with a greater degree of clarity.

The trees surrounding the area are dead and covered with snow, the white of the snow making bony fingers in the sky tracing the outlines of the branches. This early in the morning, the snow on the ground is completely untouched, making a perfect flat plane of space across the streets, covering with smooth gradients the difference between the curb and the road below. The early-morning moon hangs low in the sky, at the bottom of the top third of my field of vision and finishes the almost-monochromatic scene (a plane with its flashing red lights spoils the tableau).
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