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Review: Geek Love

Cover of

Cover of Geek Love

I like books and movies that really stick with you.  When I first saw Barton Fink, I loved it and couldn’t stop thinking about it for a couple weeks.  When I saw Mulholland Dr., I didn’t like it initially, but realized it was a damn good film when, again, I couldn’t stop thinking about it for two weeks.  And, Geek Love is like that too — and like Mulholland Dr., at first I wasn’t sure if I liked it.

It’s a book I’ve always been aware of — when it came out, and for a long time after, it was ALWAYS in the local newspaper’s book section as a bestseller or given plugs as being people’s favorite book or whatnot.  Seeing as I’m in Seattle, from the title, I always assumed it was some cutesy thing about IT people falling in love and, I don’t know, talking about Star Trek while awkwardly making out or something.  Needless to say, I had no interest in reading it.

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A Straight Person’s Top 10 Guide To Movies About The Gay People

10. Monsteralt (2003, Jenkins)
It may seem a little off to start this list with a film about a serial killer, as that may not be considered an especially positive portrayal of a lesbian. But I think the film handles that particular aspect of Aileen Wuornos very well, as merely incidental and not directly related to her mental instability, and just in general, the film actually paints a fairly sympathetic portrait of her character (almost to a fault, honestly). The most important thing about the entire movie, though, as far as I’m concerned, is that it boasts an incredible scene of Wuornos and Christina Ricci’s character discovering their lust for one another in a roller rink, set to Journey’s epic Don’t Stop Believin’, which is easily one of the most romantic love scenes ever put to film. Click here to watch the scene on youtube.

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