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"Space Oddity" as a Children's Book

bowies-space-oddity-as-a-childrens-bookThis is via Lee, but I guess I’m beating him to the punch this time in terms of putting it on OST.  Someone, namely Andrew Kolb, did David Bowie’sSpace Oddity” as a children’s book.  The illustrations are great, but I still think this would only be for if you had children who were very naughty and you wanted to make them cry.  A lot.  Especially when they ask how Major Tom gets home. And  you say “He doesn’t.” And then they ask how he eats food up there. And you go “He doesn’t! He dies!” like in the Michael Ellis sketch on Monty Python.  Major Tom is an ant.
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Review: David Bowie: Rare and Unseen

david-bowie-rare-and-unseenDavid Bowie’s one of the most interesting artists, and has been for about 40 years.  This is not news.  In fact, it’s too bad that he hasn’t done a new record since 2003’s Reality (his follow-up to the brilliant 2001 Heathen) — I’d love to hear where his head’s at now, aside from guesting on SpongeBob in somewhat of a Yellow Submarine riff.  Since Bowie’s been quiet of late, we can keep going back to the past and discovering more about what’s already come.  The deluxe version of Station to Station is good for this, as is MVD’s new DVD David Bowie: Rare and Unseen.

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Ambien Review #6: Labyrinth

The first sentence of this review (the synopsis part) was written not-on-Ambien, which I guess is fairly obvious, but maybe worth mentioning. Also, I wrote this the same night as Shutter Island, and these are the “innermost thoughts” I refer to in that review.

Labyrinth – 1986, 35mm
Jim Henson

A bratty Jennifer Connelly throws a fit when she has to babysit her crying little brother, and she wishes for him to be taken away, so some goblins do just that, and then she realizes this is a mistake, but David Bowie tells her the only way to get her brother back is to find her way through his labyrinth to the castle.

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Stupid Ideas I Haven’t Done: Wasted Opportunities

Like everyone, I tend to come up with a lot of ideas that I never get around to doing. Sometimes out of laziness, sometimes  because I can’t figure out how to make it work, and sometimes, it’s just because they’re pretty stupid ideas.  If anyone wants to make these stupid ideas a reality, more power to you — maybe give a hat-tip to Kittysneezes, why don’t you?

Stupid Idea: An interview series called “Wasted Opportunities”.  The idea would be to interview HUGE gets, big-name artists, like, say David Bowie or Paul McCartney — people who would actually be quite a bit of a coup — and ask them nothing but stupid, irrelevant questions.

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A Cup From A Sip Of Mercury

A CUP FROM A SIP OF MERCURY from revme on 8tracks Radio.

Every so often, much like other groups will do, like, say, the AV Club, they’ll post a hypothetical mix CD, and then do notes on each track, so you can figure out why you should track down each and every single one of these songs and buy them, so you can assemble this mix all on your own, despite the fact that the fun thing with assembling mix CDs is making your own, not following some recipe. But let’s just forget all that, and bear with me here, folks.

This one’s not got a theme, but that’s OK. If you insist upon one, they’re all songs that I really like that may have gotten overlooked. They also segue pretty well into each other, so that’s also a plus. This introduction is getting boring, so let’s just cut to the chase.

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