Anyway — as you’ve probably seen, I got to interview Lauren Lapkus for Unicorn Booty! (And thanks to my editor, Daniel Villarreal, for the idea to ask her in the first place!) I’d originally written the article as a personal Top 5 list — but when Lauren agreed to be interviewed, the focus changed to be HER Top 5, because DUH.  So, anyway — these are from an earlier draft of the article where it was going to be just me.  (And, hey, anything that gets you to check out With Special Guest Lauren Lapkus is a good thing.  Seriously, that podcast is SO Brilliant.)

Honorable Mentions

Lauren Lapkus, Brandon Jennings, Terry Dew, Earwolf, With Special GuestEarwolf
Lauren Lapkus & Brendon Jennings

Terry Dew (played by Brendan Jennings) is a hip, with-it stay-at-home dad who hosts his own “padcast”.  His guest this week is Miss Harmony Moongloss, a homeless shaman and former lawyer who helps him with his kids, his marriage and his large amount of pre-cum.  We also get to wander through the mindscapes of both Terry and Harmony… though that might be dangerous.

Lauren Lapkus, Rick Glassman, Magic The Gathering, Earwolf
[/media-credit] Lauren Lapkus & Rick Glassman
One of the most fun things on With Special Guest is when Lauren’s thrown in the deep end, with a character who’s an expert in something the real Lapkus has no idea about.  Rick Glassman plays himself as the host of this Magic: The Gathering podcast and Lapkus is Damien Forceright, a professional Magic player.  You don’t need to know Magic to enjoy this one, as the conversation drifts into topics like the four facts about the differences between men and women.

Andy Daly’s the host of this one (aside: Are you watching Review?  You should totally watch Review.) and it’s a parody of fellow Earwolf podcast U Talkin’ U2 To Me, where they go through the U2 albums chronologically.  So that means that Daly and Amoeba Records employee Allison Gondry have to talk about Boy, despite neither of them particularly liking that album.  In fact, it’s about halfway through the show before they even start talking about the record.  Trust me, as a U2-non-fan, you don’t need to know anything about U2 to enjoy this one.  In fact, it might make it better.

“The Betsy Podcast” features Betsy Sodaro talking with Italian student Amanda Calzone (though she reveals her birth name later).  Calzone tells Betsy all about what it’s like to be from Italy, and what it truly means to be “from” somewhere.  This is one of the more relaxed episodes of With Special Guest in that the host isn’t really doing a character, but it ends up being hilarious from beginning to end.  And be sure to check out the ad for Tiny Tiny Tiny Tiny Dogs!