What It is Vol. 3: Where did volume 2 go? My bad?

Alright so I?m terrible and didn?t manage to write this little column last week ? my second week into it?that?s a bad sign I will admit. But I?m back and ready to try my hand again.

In all honesty I tried to write a column last week and had a few different things half written but I was uninspired after listening to Graduation and Curtis more times than I care to count. I?m holding off my final thoughts until they are officially released but I think I?m disappointed with both (yeah I would have been down for 50 if he had pulled off some true G-Shit ? but money has a way of making even the hardest soft).

Then right as I was at the lowest point I could be with Hip Hop I was lucky enough to see the Wu rip bumbershoot apart (even if Ghost and GZA weren?t there) and Lupe didn?t do to bad himself ? touring with Kanye definitely rubbed off on him.

Method Man was the high point of the Wu as far as energy went but Raekwon was holding it down with his commentary on the state of Hip Hop and the world ? to quote Onry Ozzborn (of Grayskull & Oldominion ? do your homework youngins!) ?I coulda listened to him just talk for hour, that woulda been fine with me!?

Speaking of Onry shouts out to him and JFK for coming through to the station (KSUB) Wednesday night to bless the people with some exclusives off the album Bloody Radio. Based off what I heard on the show and how cool these guys are I?m already gonna say yall need to get out and cop this record on Tuesday ? you know you?re gonna be there anyway picking up those two other guys joints! Besides independent music is what needs the support more than these corporate fools do!

That?s it for me I promise to do my best with keeping this column alive but sometimes you just aren?t inspired and I know from the past that when music isn?t inspiring me I just nose dive into depression so bear with me as I find that fine line of balance between listening for pleasure and listening for work(?) ? is this work? Hardly! You get my point?until next time be easy!