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  • What is wrong with Indian food in LA?  Seriously — it’s practically a trope in sitcoms and whatnot that if someone goes to eat Indian, they’re going to have a massive amount of gastro-intestinal distress.  Mainly, lots of diarrhea.  This is kind of odd, as I’ve had a fair amount of Indian food in my life and, well, haven’t ever really had any problems.  Mainly because if I did, I’d probably stop eating Indian food.  That said, I’ve never had it in LA (though I did have Japanese-style curry in LA, which was AWESOME, by the way) — but I’ve had it in Seattle and New York at the very least.  So, yeah — what do they put in there in LA to give so many sitcom writers problems, huh?
  • I wonder why the Omnichord never really caught on.  It’s super easy to play, and it’s a great tool to get people interested in playing/creating music.  It’s basically a syntheziser that works like an auto-harp, but a bit easier, seeing as you don’t have to tune it.  The great thing, too, is that it walks the line between toy (with a built-in speaker) and real instrument (with real quarter-inch outs and whatnot), which is great.  You can do a lot of really cool things with ’em, AND as instruments go, they’re pretty cheap.  You can still get ’em, though they’ve since been re-branded Qchords.  That said, they’re the exact same thing still.  If you’ve got a kid that you want to introduce to the world of music-making, I’d definitely recommend checking ’em out — my mom even said that she wishes she knew about it when I was 2 — she would have got me one.  Which also goes to show the ease of use, too.  Seriously, rock on Qchord, rock on Omnichord.
  • Actually, I know why the Omnichord didn’t catch on: It was advertised as a starter/learning type instrument but it was only sold in instrument shops — where the casual market wouldn’t go.  If they’d sold ’em at, say, Sears, they’d probably have done better — the musical-neophytes would see ’em and buy ’em.  As it was, not a lot of hardcore musicians bought ’em — aside from folks who were already into synths and odd instruments, like DEVO.
  • I’m typically not a fan of fanfic; usually I just don’t get why it exists.  But of late, I’ve been going over a lot of the fics on Equestria Daily, now that My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic season 1 is over.  I guess it kind ends up filling up the void that’s created by a lack of new episodes, at least until season 2 premieres.  I’m also kind of disturbed that I like a lot of the shipping ones.  Also the grimdark ones.  I… do not know why.
  • I do know why I like the comics at Equestria Daily.  Comics are awesome.  Duh.
  • Also, yeah, I’m totally a full-on brony.  Seriously, that show is awesome.  I’m hoping to have more here on KS about My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, because it totally is.  Magic, I mean.  Seriously, there’s an episode where the bad guys are the Diamond Dogs!  That RULES.  (Also, a friend says that the title of “Green Isn’t Your Color” might be a reference to an obscure Pink Floyd song.  That’s kinda cool, too, if it’s true. (I don’t know much about Floyd, honestly.  I’ve heard the big stuff, of course, and even watched most of The Wall, but, yeah.)
  • The Flaming Lips cover of Dark Side of the Moon is pretty sweet, however.  I definitely recommend picking it up.  Last year at Record Store Day had a beautiful vinyl version with a translucent sea-green disc.  I think that was an exclusive RSD thing, but if it’s still available, pick that up.  If not, I know the CD is available, so that’d work out too.


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