The Sea Pup—Should I Be Worried?

In the first episode of Infinite Danger:

Danger Bay emerges from a miasma of Steel Cables, Sigils, Hair Dye and Nominative Determinism to shed light upon the world. Also, Will ‘s podcast career reconstitutes itself.


Episode 1, The Sea Pup, in which the pilot episode is also a flashback episode: River Otters. Child Endangerment. Dave Coulier. Surgery. Salmon Season. Salmon Nets. Punches. Hunting Rifles.


The snake eats his own tail because he is prideful: “nothing is more delicious than myself,” he hisses.


Transcript here.

About Infinite Danger: Infinite Danger is a podcast chronicling the wildly successful Canadian action TV Classic, Danger Bay. All 40-plus seasons of it. Join your host Will, as he breaks down each episode of the adventures of aquarium policeman Grant Roberts and his children Nicole and Jonah in the trillion-dollar franchise which continues to define the city of Vancouver culturally, economically, religiously, and geopolitically.