So like OK I was there right and just mindin’ my own business when all of a sudden bam just like outta nowhere this guy comes up and slugs me right in the face and i’m like man, I can’t even see or nothin’ cause not only did he hit me in the face but his ring or at least i think it’s his ring cause otherwise dude’s got some sorta weird knotty thing on his hand or something goes right in my eye and I’m like lucky I wasn’t totally blinded just temporarily blinded I mean that thing could have gouged it right out am i right, and I’d have to wear an eye patch like a pirate or somethingand then people’d all wonder what my deal was if I was really blind there or if I was just like that Momus guy or whatever where I don’t even know if he needs that eyepatch or what but I think it swaps eyes sometimes or maybe I’m just misremembering but anyway though that’s not really important now but like my point is so I’d have an eyepatch and people’d wonder why I didn’t just like get a glass eye if I didn’t have one there and I don’t know, I just can’t imagine what that’d be like having to shove a ball of glass into your eye socket in front of the weird eye pulp stuff that people seem to have there and how that must feel man that just would be so gross but maybe you get used to it but then again I’m glad I can see OK because I couldn’t imagine doing contact lenses either but then people seem to get used to those but anyway like so anyway the guy punched me in the face and temporarily blinded me and I’m like all “what the fuck man” but the dude was just gone and I don’t know if I’ve done something to offend him or if that’s just like this guy’s trip to come up to people and punch them really hard in the face or what but like by the time I got my head at least kinda together and looking through my good eye which is still kinda teary just from the blow I didn’t even see nothin’, not even the dude’s back walking away from me or what so I don’t know he either hauled ass out of there or maybe just went behind me or something because I was pretty out of it at the time since man let’s see how you do after some big fella comes up and slugs you in the eye and near shatters your cheekbone that’s what the doctor said anyway after I went to the emergency room because that’s kinda what you do in those situations even though it cost me a pretty damn penny to find out that I was gonna be OK and just to put some ice on it or steak or whatever the doctor said and I never even figured out why they had you put meat on your face when you got a black eye but whatever and so anyway though I never saw that guy again but it worked out OK because the next night I went in with an awesome shiner and it gave me a great story and that’s how I met Charlene here and we’ve been together ever since comin’ on fifteen years now this May and you know like I said I never saw that guy again but if I did I’d probably have to thank him because meetin’ Charlene here is the best thing that ever happened to me and he was responsible for that so that was actually a pretty good thing he did for me so I’d shake his hand but only after I decked him in the eye because Jesus christ that hurt like a motherfuck.