“Your arpeggios are suffering. You haven’t been practicing.”
“I have — I just haven’t gotten the hang of them yet.”
“How could that be — they’re simple.”
“I know, I just… I don’t know.”
“You haven’t been practicing.”
“You’ve got to practice, otherwise, you’ll never be anything.”
“But I don’t care about this.”
“You must — it’s the key to everything, pardon the pun.”
“To some extent, yes.”
“How so?”
“They’re the building block of melody.”
“What’s that have to do with anything?”
“All right, what’s that got to do with everything?”
“I told you — everything. It’s everything to do with everything.
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“I cannot explain it, yet it is a truth. You’ve got to understand this, and you will in time. If not now, later.”
“This is stupid.”
“That it may be, but you need to practice.”
“But why?”
“Trust me.”