Rite Gud: The Squeequel
Recently, JR of the Podhand joined us to discuss a phenomenon we’re calling squeecore—a style of quippy, fluffy, moralistic, fannish, centrist, Joss Whedon-esque speculative writing that touts itself as Important Activism but is mainly middle-of-the-road escapism. This episode unexpectedly sparked an explosion of controversy. Some people loved it, other people (most of whom did not listen to the episode or read the transcript) got furiously angry and launched a weird misogynistic smear campaign against the host, and many others are looking from the sidelines asking, “What on earth is going on? What are you weird nerds talking about?”
Because this thing got so big, we decided to revisit it to address some of the discourse it generated—the good, the bad, and the ugly. We also talk about precursors to squeecore, like fantatwee, Torwave, and the Triumph of Competence.


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