Save Mister Rogers

I’ve just sent letters to PBS and my two local PBS stations. Feel free to use this as a springboard for ideas, but PLEASE write your own letter:

I was incredibly saddened when I discovered that Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood was going to be removed from the national PBS daily syndicated feed in September. Mister Rogers is one of the best television shows for children — past, present and future. He teaches not only informational knowledge but EMOTIONAL knowledge — compassion, understanding and, above all else, love. People of all ages need those skills, and Fred Rogers was the best person I’ve ever seen at teaching those. He has been one of my biggest heroes for a very long time, and I was lucky enough to grow up watching his show — and even years later, at 28, I still enjoy watching the show. It was a tragedy when the man died, but at least we can still turn on the television to visit with our favorite kindly neighbor. I encourage you to — even if the national PBS doesn’t change their mind — still carry Mister Rogers on a daily basis.

Thank you very much for your time.

Also, my friend M.C. Brennan also wrote about this, where she urges people to write to their Senators and Representatives in Congress, as they control the money for PBS.

Finally, here’s the Digg page for the campaign — if you’ve got an account, please vote it up, and if you’re on Facebook, here is a group devoted to the cause.