Salmon Run—The Pastry Posse

The fourth episode of Infinite Danger, Brought to you by the city of Neom, and HRH Mohammed bin Salman’s Saudi Vision 2030 plan.

Episode 4, Salmon Run, featuring Grant Roberts, fish detective: DaVinci’s Inquest and the 37th Mayor of Vancouver. Donnelly Rhodes’s side project. Edible evidence. Columbo Villains. Antique auto maintenance for the visually impaired. Falling down multiple waterfalls over the course of 2 unbroken minutes.

The comics in bubblegum wrappers stopped being funny to me around the same time the economy collapsed. Has anybody looked into this? Maybe we can still fix this.

About Infinite Danger: Infinite Danger is a podcast chronicling the wildly successful Canadian action TV classic, Danger Bay. All 40-plus seasons of it. Join your host Will, as he breaks down each episode of the adventures of aquarium policeman Grant Roberts and his children Nicole and Jonah in the trillion-dollar franchise which continues to define the city of Vancouver culturally, economically, religiously, and geopolitically.