Review: The Things/Concepts Listed in “Song For A Future Generation” by the B-52s
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One of my favorite B-52s songs is “Song For A Future Generation“, and the video is pretty much my favorite of theirs, too, what with the scene of them carrying synthesizers in swaddling like babies.  But what about the things the various band members like?  Do they have good taste?  KITTYSNEEZES USES SCIENCE TO FIND OUT!

Fred Schneider:

Collecting Records – I love collecting records.  That’s part of the most fun, trying to find something that’s rare, and getting a good price for it.  Or just finding something weird.  It might not even be too rare, but if you like it, that’s all the best.  Some of my prized collections, I haven’t paid all that much for.  I found a sealed copy of the They Might Be Giants EP I Palindrome I (the only main Elektra-era CD-EP I was missing) for only 7 bucks a few months ago.  That was AWESOME.  So, yes — Fred is right on this one.

Exploring the Cave of the Unknown – On the other hand, I’m not much for spelunking.  Unknown caves might be neat, just because there might be cool and weird animals in there, but, that said, they’re probably all nocturnal-type animals and wouldn’t appreciate some big dude wandering around with a light and trying not to fall down.  Exploring the cave of the unknown is probably better when you’ve got depth perception.  I figure Fred does, but I don’t, so this one is right out for me.

Cindy Wilson:

Chihuahuas – I’ve already talked about how I am very much pro-dog, and chihuahuas are no exception.  If anything, I object to the hard-to-spell nature of the breed name, but that’s not really the chihuahua’s fault, so I’m not marking that against them.  When I was little, I had a Chi-Terrier mix, and he was adorable and was apparently my best friend when I was like 2.  I wish I remembered him more, but I do remember his big red rubber bone that he liked to chew on.  It was bendy.  I liked that, even if I didn’t like the smell.  Good choice, Cindy.

Chinese Noodles – Cindy is TWO FOR TWO.  I don’t know if I’ve gone on about the wonder that is the hand-shaven noodle, but those are wonderful.  In Seattle, where I am from, I recommend the Seven Stars Pepper restaurant on 12th and Jackson VERY HIGHLY.  And you have to order the Chow Mein with Hand-Shaven Noodles.  (I always get pork, but really, it’s all good.)  So, yes, Cindy so far, is the B-52 with the best taste.

Ricky Wilson:

Computers – Smarts runs in the Wilson family — computers are also very, very awesome.  It may surprise you, but I am writing this on a computer right now.  I am definitely a fan of computers.  I think Ricky was RIGHT ON.  And the computers back then weren’t even that great!  So, yeah — not only a good choice, but a very prescient one!

Hot Tamales – I think Ricky was referring to actual tamales here rather than the cinnamon-flavored candy.  I have to say — I’ve not had much in the way of tamales.  I know they’re typically served in bell peppers, though I’m not really a fan of those.  But I’ve also had ’em where it’s a corn meal thing in a corn-husk that you peel away, and in fact, I’ve made these, and they were pretty awesome, too.  So, I think I’m generally pro-tamale… but I have to expose my lameness and say that I much prefer the mass-produced candy of the same name.  I like cinnamon candies, and Hot Tamales are pretty neat.

Kate Pierson:

Tomatoes – I’ve always had a crush on Kate, but… I have to say, I’m not a huge fan of tomatoes.  I like things you make out of them, and I don’t even mind them IN things, but I really don’t like the taste of, say, just a tomato.  Some people can eat ’em like apples.  Ecch.  I think if you say you like tomatoes, you’re probably thinking of this sort of thing.  I just can’t get behind that.  I’m sorry, Kate, but I don’t think it’d work out.  It’s not you, it’s me.  Also, the fact that you’re gay probably was working against us in the long run, too.  Let alone the whole tomato thing.

Black-capped Chickadees – On the other hand, black-capped chickadees are ADORABLE.  I can totally see why Kate is into them.  I’m pretty much into any sort of bird, but chickadees are pretty dang cute.  This actually makes up for the tomato thing, to be honest.  Let’s give it another try, Kate, we can make it work!

Keith Strickland:

Finding The Essence From Within – Hm — this one I’m not sure about.  It could be kinda cool?  I’ve never really tried it.  Does it involve meditation?  I’m not sure I’m good at that.  Hm.  I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt, though.  He only gets one thing, so it must be pretty important to him.


ALL RIGHT!  Science shows us that the B-52s do NOT steer people wrong most of the time.  They might be pro-tomato and pro-caves, but while I disagree with their life decisions on those, I support them in their choices. And their music.  They’re on tour again, so hopefully you can catch them.

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