charles_r_moore_minister-th-701x336Y’all probably know by now that when I’m not running Kittysneezes, I’m an associate editor over at Unicorn Booty ( if you’re nasty), too — which probably explains why my articles over there also post here.

But that only includes stories that I write — which means KS fans who don’t have Unicorn Booty in their RSS feed (seriously, add UB to your RSS!) miss out on some really great pieces.

One of those pieces is this one, by UB editor-in-chief (and good friend), Daniel Villareal: Why A 79-Year-Old Progressive Methodist Minister Burned Himself Alive. It’s the heartbreaking story of Rev. Charles Moore, a Methodist minister who had long advocated for progressive causes — fighting racism and homophobia, helping the poor, and generally being an amazing human being.

But when he retired, he fell into a depression as he no longer had an outlet for his advocacy… so he decided to have one final, shocking act of activism.

Daniel worked very hard on this story, and it shows — interviews with people who knew Moore, lots of background on Moore’s life and death, and, well, just really good journalism.

I cannot recommend this story enough — and that goes even if I didn’t work for Unicorn Booty! Seriously, it’s amazing; I did nothing on this story, and yet I’m proud just to be published by the same people who put that out.

So yes: READ IT.


Why A 79-Year-Old Progressive Methodist Minister Burned Himself Alive