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Lou Dobbs For Presiden…n…n…nevermind

The Americans for Legal Immigration Political Action Committee (ALIPAC), a group branded a Nativist group by The Southern Poverty Law Center and tied to hate groups by the Anti-Defamation League, recently turned its unwavering support for Lou Dobbs’ outspoken anti-immigrant (read “Anti-Latino”) rhetoric into dismayed anger after Dobbs appeared on the television network Telemundo promoting the idea of amnesty for undocumented aliens:

Ex-CNN anchor suddenly champions amnesty, ripped as ‘pathetic sellout’

Former CNN anchor Lou Dobbs, the illegal immigration opponent with possible presidential aspirations, is stunning many today as he recasts himself as a champion of Hispanic immigrants, now looking to legalize millions of illegal aliens in the United States.

The folks in the ALIPAC forums are seething with indignant rage and betrayal, basically making Dobbs into their Benedict Arnold of Immigration. Opinions range from the slightly dissapointed:

“I was just thinking, rather sadly, that this whole Dobbs thing is another example that we are in the twilight zone………….you can trust nothing and the environment is Bizarre.”

…to the outright hostile:

“I am appalled that Lou Dobbs has turned into a traitor! What a loser. Hope he doesn’t think he can run for president. He is totally full of crap!”

…to the (expected) incomprehensible, mouth-breathing rant about how everything is somehow incomprehensibly linked to, ummm… something else, and that is the fault of the, ummm… it’s a LOT of people’s faults but it all boils down to TH’ I’LEGULZ!

“There should be a Bounty On Illegals. Reporting illegals to ICE deserves a reward from our government for doing their job. Our government needs all the help it can get evidentially …Major Malik, and Mr.& Mrs. Salahi….who “slipped through the cracks”. I could do a better job. The Catholic Church sanctions these illegals instead of condemning their reproductive practices and teaching them to abstain until they are legal and can afford children. Atlanta, GA is the drug capital of the US coming through Mexico and if Washington would stop tripping over its own feet this could be stopped. That brings one of two conclusions….either there are politicians or the Mexican government is making money from these drugs. If we can put a man on the moon, I’ll show you how to close the borders. Last year, BILLIONS went to Mexico from the US, sent by Illegals through Western Union and money orders. So you ….Mr. & Mrs. America work harder, pay more, get less while all those Illegals laugh their bootie off at all of us.”

And while I can’t help but feel more than a bit of schadenfreude at the sudden fall from grace of Lou Dobbs from the adoration of a group of people who seem to forget

  • Immigrants are the foundation of the non-aboriginal population of the United States
  • Immigrants have long been the majority population of the United States
  • Until just over a hundred years ago vast portions of the United States were a part of Mexico

… the ironic coup de grace of the loss of their mainstream media icon to an irrelevant position of centrist reality has an almost gleefully-clapping-of-the-hands-funny oversight (one that will be, I am sure, addressed in the coming days).

Specifically, the folks at ALIPAC have for some time run http://www.loudobbsforpresident.org/, a site endorsing Lou Dobbs be drafted[?] for the position of President of the United States.And while their scab of betrayal is still fresh, I can’t help but notice the site is still up, albeit with a disclaimer of a withdrawal of support for their “draft Dobbs” position. This leads me to posit the following:

…Um, if you are withdrawing your support for Lou Dobbs for President, you might, I dunno… want to shut down your site supporting Lou Dobbs for President?!?

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