Nora, a non-shitty baby. (Photo by Jenny Byfield)
Nora, a non-shitty baby. (Photo by Jenny Byfield)

Welcome to the very first episode of The Painful Threshold!  The Painful Threshold is a brand new podcast where YOU provide the questions to our lovely panel!  The show runs off questions sent to the official show Tumblr, our Twitter account or our Facebook page!  This week, our panel is comedian Nick Decktor, musician and KEXP DJ Troy Nelson of the Young Evils, and Kittysneezes contributor Jenny Byfield!  Below the cut are the show notes, complete with direct links to all the questions that have been asked in this episode!  Check it out!


We are introduced to the game and our lovely guests, Nick Decktor, Troy Nelson and Jenny Byfield!

Question 1: Do you like pigs?

Question 2: When does a guilty pleasure turn bad?

Question 3: Can you think of any great bands with shitty names or vice versa?

Question 4: Stolen Question — Who is Steve Buscemi From Your Point Of View

Question 5: What have you found in your nightmares?


MUSIC BREAK – Troy talks about “Darker Blue Bayou” by the Young Evils

Question 7: Are you in any fandoms?

Question 8: If you could name a baby anything in the world without reprisal, what would you name it?

Question 9: Have you ever pooped on a baby?