Let's All Drip Swears!
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I’m totally obsessed with different interpretations of the same thing.  Everyone probably knows this, as I keep harping on it.  The latest manifestation of this obsession is this:  Anyone who wants to — write a piece involving a certain line or phrase.  I think it’ll be neat to see how the different authors can be inspired, particularly with a reasonably odd combination of words.  


The phrase: 
“swears dripping from his lips like”


Anyone who wants to can write something based on it!  If you’re a KS contributor, just put submit it like you would normally!  If you’re not — send it on to me via the contact form or, if you’d prefer, email it to me — revme at this here domain.  Which would be kittysneezes.com if you’re confused.  


It doesn’t matter if it’s a short story, a poem or anything!  It doesn’t matter where in the work it appears, or even if it doesn’t include the line at all, and was just inspired by it. It doesn’t need to be too terribly long, just however long it needs to be. Anything that gets submitted will be posted to a special section of the site (and, of course, appear here on the main page), so when you send it, let me know what you’d like to be credited with and any particular bio-line and link, too.


Feel free to post more than one if you’re so inspired. Also, feel free to share a link to this, so anyone can try their hand at it!

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